Why we need your help

Volunteers are vital to the work of Proud Lebanon.

Our volunteers play an important role at our front desk, support and enhance Proud Lebanon’s programs, help put on special events and fairs and more.

In order to become a volunteer at Proud Lebanon, you must be at least 18 years old and complete the following:

  1. Online registration and application on the volunteer management platform.

  2. A full day volunteer orientation at the Center.

  3. A background check. After completing orientation, you will receive an email with the background check prompt.

Depending on your volunteer role, there may be further training or interviews required, such as a shadow shift at the front desk or a sit down with a program coordinator.

For any questions regarding volunteering or if you are interested in/have an idea for a group volunteer project, e-mail info@ProudLebanon.org or call 76.608205

    New volunteer

    Please provide us with as much information as you are able/willing so we can get to know you!




    Sexual Orientation

    If you have physical considerations we need to be aware of, please let us know here:


    CookingCommunication SkillsGardeningIT ExperienceLegal ServicesPublic SpeakingResearchGrant WritingArtisticMusicianSetup and CleanupMarketingPeople PersonOrganizingCustomer ServiceMultitaskingTechnical WritingGiving Instruction

    Current occupation

    Previous experience

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