Democracy is ailing YET resilient


Democracy is ailing YET resilient

by Nour Banna – Intern

Authoritarian acts are getting more blatant, according to a Freedom House research. 73 nations witnessed a drop in their freedom rankings. Weakening democracy is a troubling human rights trend, especially since 2020 was the 15th year in a row that freedom has declined globally.

Many feel disregarded and that democracy has not lived up to its full potential.

Increasing disparities or inequalities, as women, men, minors, even LGBTQ and others who have been historically excluded, fall further behind. These exclusions contribute to institutional mistrust and skepticism.

Knowing that democracy is the most important for freedom of life and the growth of a nation, weakening it causes corruption, misuse of equality, division, unfair businesses, media misuse and unfair participation. And this will never be normal.

Evaluating potential solutions to democracy’s issues requires an understanding of what democracy is fundamentally all about. Starting at home, uphold, defend, and fulfill human rights bolstering public acceptance of democratic values through civic education, protect yourself against authoritarian forces’ manipulation by requiring social media companies to disclose foreign attempts to propagate propaganda and misinformation online and preventing electoral meddling. Go for combating corruption, Advocate for rights of children, adolescents, women, and men; promote freedom of speech; and, Finally, foster mutual confidence.

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