Free-of-charge rapid HIV and other STI tests

Proud Lebanon acknowledges the importance of early detection as prevention for the rising number of people living with HIV.
The prevalence of HIV is especially high among the LGBTIQ+ community (especially among men having sex with men – MSM).
As such, Proud Lebanon has been providing free-of-charge STD and HIV tests in public areas (available for everyone willing to take the tests) as well as its center.
Proud Lebanon is also part of the network of NGOs supported by the Ministry of Public Health – the National AIDS Program in implementing this activity.

Medical services

An infectious diseases doctor is offering consultations at Proud Lebanon to People living with HIV and LGBTIQ+ individuals as well as to people with sexually transmitted infectious and other medical issues with the intention to expand the services.

Direct services to people living with HIV

Proud Lebanon has established a support group for people living with HIV (titled Support+) since 2016. The members of the group gather on a weekly/bi-weekly period in order to share their experiences as people with HIV build their capacity to become more resilient, refer each other to other service providers, etc.
In addition, and to retain those diagnosed positive in their treatment, Proud Lebanon dispatch the antiretroviral medications for those who are afraid of stigmatization.

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