Proud Lebanon works to create public policy that respects, protects, and fulfills human rights obligations in Lebanon.
Our advocacy priorities are protecting the human rights of the LGBTIQ+ community members, people living with HIV as well as the detainees across the country; in addition to supporting the work of other human rights defenders working on different Human Rights issues.

Our Strategies include:

  • Using local and international human rights mechanisms, including those of the United Nations, to highlight human rights violations and advocate for policy change;
  • Advocating for public policy changes in Lebanon;
  • Creating a change in the society by sensitizing the wider public to the basic human rights of the communities we serve;
  • Advancing our priorities by working in national and international coalitions.

Currently, Proud Lebanon’s main goal is to abolish the Law 534 from the Lebanese penal law, used to criminalize the LGBTIQ+ community members.
Therefore Proud Lebanon is having open discussions on this matter with different political parties, decision makers and parliamentarians.

In addition, Proud Lebanon and in partnership with different partner NGOs is working on different lobbying campaigns concerning torture and ill treatment in addition to other human rights issues.

Below you may find some of our previous reports and campaigns.