HIV has been tremendously increasing among MSM individuals (men having sex with men) in Lebanon.
A lack of sexual education along with social pressure are the main reasons behind this increase.
These two essential factors are led by a negatively conservative educational system, and a society that is enclosed to old so called “ethical” traditions and morals.
Therefore, gay men living with HIV in Lebanon have to face a lot of difficulties and stigmas that add more pain and stress to their lives.
Proud Lebanon has therefore opened its center since 2014 and organized a support group involving Gay Men Living With HIV, so far the only of its type in Lebanon.

Proud Lebanon offered us the opportunity to take the lead, and therefore after being empowered we are organizing sessions where we participate to share our experiences with our health status and receive training sessions, awareness and support during bimonthly meetings.

We will also be working on advocacy related materials that will reflect our feelings and life experiences in order to lower the stigmatization on all people living with HIV.

We have decided to name our group: “Support+”, We hope to reach a lower level of discrimination and stigma, and a higher level of awareness and support.

We have so much positivity, coming out of our harsh experiences, bringing hope to a better community.

If anyone would like to be in touch with us, we are reachable on